Black Forest Group

December, 1995

The Name, "Black Forest"

The first meeting of what became the Black Forest Group took place in July, 1992, at Bad Liebenzell, near Stuttgart, in the region of Germany known as the "Black Forest." While in the first meetings of the Group, the discussions focussed on Groupware and Workflow technologies and case studies, it quickly became clear that there was a much broader set of issues of interest to the participants. At the November, 1992, meeting in Weggis, Switzerland, the participants recognized the success of the meetings and the need for some identity. A number of names were discussed, such as various areas of potential technology interest and other ideas. Finally, it became clear that the participants foresaw a broad set of shared interests, and this set of interests would inevitably evolve as the members' companies needs evolved. Therefore, a name was chosen that was evocative but had no specific technology or business constraints implied: a name that simply memorialized the location of the first convening of the group.

Black Forest Group - Mission

To gain competitive advantage for the organizations represented by the members by facilitating the application of emerging information technologies and related concepts. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and directions among user organizations, vendors, and the academic and research communities.

Black Forest Group - Objectives

Black Forest Group - Membership

For further information:

Pat Hickey, General Motors International, Information Manager, Infrastructure, tel. +41-1-828-2340, fax +41-1-828-2450

Prof. Marvin L. Manheim, J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, tel. +1-708-491-8676, fax +1-708-467-1777

Jock Gill, Penfield Gill, Inc., Press Relations for the Black Forest Group tel. +1-617-396-0492, fax +1-617-395-0265

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