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The Brain

The Center for Democracy and Technology

Welcome to the online edition of the Progressive Populist, a newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations.
The Center for Democracy and Technology
Entropy Gradient Reversals
The website of Dr. Jose Luis Pardos
The Democratic Leadership Council
The Alta Vista Search Engine is a fast web indexer with a huge database.
Abbington Village is a charming online rendition of a small New England village, complete with farmers' market, general store, and antique shops. Stroll along the streets and take in the sites. Learn about the area's history. Or stop by the online visitors' center, where you'll find travel information on the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Best of all, you'll have the place all to yourself. No tourists. No crowds.
The Center For Democracy and Technology is a non-profit public interest organization based in Washington DC. The Center's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies.
The Congressional Mailer is Clara Vista Corporation's effort to make accessing our representatives in Congress easier.
Project 2000 is a five-year sponsored research effort devoted to the scholarly and rigorous investigation of the marketing implications of commercializing hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs) like the World Wide Web and other emerging electronic environments.
Professor Gigabyte's Gateways to Infinity
Democracy Place, USA is your town. Visit the town square to learn about the issue of the week, or check out the radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers to catch up with the rest of the news. Don't forget to stop by the barber shop to find out about current public opinions and the cafi to talk things over with the rest of the community.
The Morino Institute is dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity - economic, civic, health, and education - and empowering people to improve their lives and communities in the Communications Age.
The Smart Valley vision is to create an electronic community by developing an advanced information infrastructure and the collective ability to use it.
Point Communications - Top 10 Sites
The Xerox Dynamics of Computation site. The Dynamics of Computation Area's research focuses on the relation between the local actions and the global behavior of large distributed systems, both social and computational. Examples of these systems are provided by distributed information processing, large heuristic searches, ecologies, social organizations and markets.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Homesites

Eric Loeb's explanation of Optimization and Public Policy
Mark Bonchek's Political Participation Project

The Bootstrap Institute has targeted collaborative knowledge work as a high-leverage and strategic first step for aggressive improvement. Distributed teams that can coordinate their work online using highly evolved tools and methods would be increasingly faster and smarter at identifying needs and opportunities, designing and deploying solutions, and incorporating lessons learned.
An Online Connection to the US Capitol and Legislation

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