If you would like to read further into the issues raised at this briefing, the following books and articles can provide a starting point.

Artificial Adaptive Agents in Economic Theory, John Holland and John Miller, Working Paper published by the Santa Fe Institute, 1991.

Beliefs and Cooperation, Bernardo Huberman and Natalie Glance, Chaos and Society International Conference, June 1994.

Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos, M. Mitchell Waldrop, Simon & Shuster, 1992.

The Economy as a Complex Adaptive System, Philip Anderson and Kenneth Arrow (eds.), Addison-Wesley, 1988.

Self-Organized Criticality and Fluctuations in Economics, Per Bak, Kan Chen, Jose Scheinkman, and M. Woodford, Working Paper published by the Santa Fe Institute, 1992.

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Author: Caroline Wagner

Rand Corporation

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