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Feb/01: "Former White House aide Jock Gill will be a guest columnist exclusively for Democrats.com [with a column] that will focus on the questions you want asked. The column will raise the "Fascinating Unasked Questions" ("FUQs") surrounding George W. Bush, his government, his agenda and the curious way all three are being handled by the commercial news media."

"If we liberate the American spirit of innovation through imaginative questioning, updated regulatory environments at all levels, establish a national goal to achieve freedom from carbon fuels dependency and combine this with a leadership challenge to maximize the power of the Internet to promote innovation, then "intelligent homes" will appear much faster than we would have thought possible."
Environment, Infrastructure, System, Appliance: An Interview with Jock Gill and Larry Seaquist - June 2000 issue of iMP

4 Nov 99: A Safe Haven For URLs and Internet Identifiers - an essay by Bob Frankston

August 8, 1999: Architectures and Building Blocks - draft 4c [HTML] [PDF]

May 18, 1999: Oil Fires, Petroleum and Gulf War Illness - Gulf War Exposure to be Considered at the CDC Conference on the Health Impact of Chemical Exposures During the Gulf War
PDF version
A White Paper by: Craig F. Stead, P.O. Box 1000, Putney, VT, 05346

April 24, 1999: Forecasting the Internet Weather

March 31, 1999: Village of Al Kaabneh Photobook

March 30, 1999: USG as Agent for Eco Effectiveness

September 24, 1998:

The real news today is that McCarthyism remains alive and well in the halls of Congress. If we do not act quickly to remind the general public of the very notion of due process - the basic rights at the foundation of our Constitution - then we risk the return of political witch hunting. If, after all, rampant abuses of fairness and due process can befall the President, we are all vulnerable.

June 5, 1998: Alternative Cryptography Policy Options by Dr. Phillip Hallam-Baker

March 17, 1998: Meta Problems in the Intelligence Community - Information Analysis in a Networked Community, at Symposium on Advanced Information Processing & Analysis (AIPA98), McLean Hilton Hotel, Tysons Corner VA

February 4, 1998: The Highlands Interview - Fall 1997

January 27, 1998: Letter to Boston Globe on Due Process for the President

January, 1998: Electron Economy for the Black Forest Group Knowledge Economy Panel- Winter 1998 - (Slide Show)

Jock's Recommended Reading

January 10, 1998: The New ERA Opportunity - (Essay)

November 12, 1997: Harvard KSG Presentation on Global P.A.T.H. Project - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA - (Slide Show)

November 3, 1997: Global P.A.T.H. (Partnership for Advanced Technology Housing) - Highlands IX Presentation, Monterey, CA - (Slide Show)

October 21, 1997: Intelligent Houses - Better Housing for Better Living in a Better World - (Slide Show)

September 23, 1997: Encryption Policy: Unintended Consequences

August 14, 1997: Critical Technologies -Some Thoughts From Chairman Jock

August 5, 1997: Some Thoughts About Intelligent Houses - Your Feedback is Requested - please click the button at the end of the essay

May 20, 1997: Council on Foreign Relations - Security Implications of the Information Revolution - Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government

May 9-10, 1997: TECHNOLOGIES OF FREEDOM?: Emerging Media in Modern Culture - Privacy, Security, Regulation - MIT

April 28, 1997: The Black Forest Group - Working Paper: Fifteen Network Security Issues

May 25, 1996: Harvard Conference on the Internet & Society - Transcript of Mr. Gill's Presentation

March 21, 1997: Reply to 27% Problem - Letter to Ed Fouhy re: Pew Foundation Report on the Media

March 14, 1997: Four Items of Interest

March 4, 1997: Response to Tim Draper's Commentary Article in Today's The Wall Street Journal

February, 1997: Internet II Discussion Points - Black Forest Group, Snowbird, Utah

October 16, 1996: Presentation at DCI Internet, Web and Email World (Boston) - co-presented with David Lytel

September 26, 1996: Mr. Gill was a reviewer for The Strategic Challenges of Electronic Commerce

September 21, 1996: The Internet and Retail Politics (Essay) - co-authored with Mark Bonchek

September 17, 1996: A Letter to Eva Kjer Hansen - Member, Danish Parliament

September 5, 1996: Conversational Marketing - Presented to the Black Forest Group in St. Andrews, Scotland

August 15, 1996: Conversational Marketing - Presented to IBM

May 25, 1996: Universal Access panel discussion (Harvard University)

May 14, 1996: Frameworks & Stories: How We Become Who We Are

April 8, 1996: Four Converging Problems (Essay)

March 21, 1996: Letter to Dan Askt - The Boston Globe

March 20, 1996: Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards 1996 Public Access Category Co-Chair

March 18, 1996: Presentation at Email World

March 10, 1996: The Politics Question (Essay)

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