Why do the Republicans Need to Keep Hounding Bill Clinton?

March 1, 2001

By Jock Gill for Democrats.com


If you’ve had the feeling that the Republicans refuse to drop their constant bashing of the Clintons, you’re right. Clinton bashing has three purposes in the GOP strategic vision:

1] Make the Clintons look evil in order to preserve the illusion that Reagan and Bush are pure and above reproach. This helps deflect assertions to the contrary and also makes the Democratic Party and/or anyone who defends them look "evil."

2] The best defense is a good offense. The relentless attacking is designed to knock the Clintons out of any future elections and reduce the popularity and effectiveness of former President Clinton, who is now the most popular opposition party politician in the nation.

3] Deflect attention from what they are really doing: attempting to loot the Treasury, rape public lands, put through stealth theocracy...

This is the only way the Council for National Policy/Richard Mellon Scaife wing of the Republican party can preserve the power derived from wealth and privilege, which is always threatened most from a popular uprising.

The truth of the matter is that the corrupt ways of the CNP/Richard Mellon Scaife wing and Bush Inc. from 1980 to 1992 and beyond, make the Clintons look like kids in Sunday school. This is the true history that the GOP, and especial the Bush family, is desperate to prevent from being researched and told. Hence their orchestrated campaign of attacking the Clintons to distract us from Deep Throat's advice: Follow the money.

It is worth noting that two key organizations providing support for the program outlined below were started in the early 1980s: The Council for National Policy in 1981 and The Federalist Society in 1982.

What would we discover if we had a Special Prosecutor with tens of millions of dollars to unravel the sordid story of political corruption that links GOP money and greed with election stealing and the perversion of democracy in America?

These people and events are real, verifiable and consequential. How is it possible that the mainstream commercial media is incapable of connecting these dots and seeing the pattern they show?

1] Election theft #1 in 1980 - the secret deal in Paris negotiated with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after the election in order to make President Carter vulnerable to Ronald Reagan;

2] Raising the money to pay for the armaments the Iranians demanded in return for delaying the hostage release.

3] Paying for the Contras - got to keep all left political power in check. A further advantage may be creating profit making sideline businesses, yielding sources of income totally beyond the control of Congress. These funds could be used with no real oversight. Has the intelligence community actually become a multinational corporation with some U.S. Government subsidy?

4] BCCI bank, entered American financial space in the late 1970s, used to manage the secret cash flows, required for the above, from

5]Illegal drug operations to earn cash for illegal operations.

6] War on Drugs – masks covert drug activities and creates cover position, but creates…

7] Justice w/o Rehabilitation, that results in a prison system no better than a Gulag, disproportionately populated with minorities. Non-white inmates who, just coincidentally, generally lose their rights to vote.

8] Tax cuts to divert funds back to the wealthy elite who backed Reagan/Bush - but drove the country deeply into debt;

9] Savings & Loan fiasco which also diverted funds back to the wealthy and added to the nations debt;

10] Addiction to oil and other fossil fuels as their principal "cash cow", but now also their Achilles' heel -- Who lost the environment? And let us not forget the role of Gold in Bush the Elder’s post presidential wealth creation scheme.

11] Their total dependency on docile, top down, one way, capital intensive media to tell their story and sustain their position. They rule by monologue and cannot survive a true dialogue with the people. I note they have shut down the electronic distribution of public documents given to "the press” by the White House. They are not friends of unfettered information flows.

12] Judicial tampering guided by the Federalist Society since 1982. They have stacked the deck. Note Lawrence Walsh sounding an alarm about the creeping influence of the ultra-conservative Federalist Society on the nation's courts [July 8, 1999].

13] Pardons to keep those in the know out of court and out of prison. And to keep friends happy. We need to understand Reagan's pardons.

14 ] Election theft #2 in 2000 to preserve the cover up and to insure the continuation of a Federalist Society majority on the Supreme Court. The safekeeping of the stunning story of GOP corruption is an extra benefit.

Now consider the interesting context of the "back story": the remarkable links and incestuous relations between intelligence agencies, Yale University [Skull and Bones, Federalist Society], eugenics, fascism, and religious fanatics - both domestic and international. And, if we go back to the late 30s, even includes well-documented banking services provided, for a profit, to Hitler’s German Third Reich.

The common theme: Win at all cost. The ends justify the means.

All this in the name of the preservation of wealth, prestige, power and status in the face of change and rapidly shifting demographics. The GOP, truly now the party of, for and by money, has a great deal to hide and extremely strong motivation to prevent this disgraceful record from being presented to the public for its fulsome consideration.

The media have a big problem too. How could they ignore this witches brew on inter-locking relationships and corruption that has been running like a sewer under their noses for over 20 years? It will be very hard for them to come to grips with their failure as guardians of truth in the historical record upon which all democracies depend.

The challenge for 21st Century Democrats is to restore legitimacy and truth to the historical record and institutional memory. It is time to end the 20 year run of the distorted and corrupting GOP story. This must be done to restore a solid foundation for our democracy for, of and by we the people. Our future freedoms depend upon it. If we fail, we risk the failure of the experiment we started and documented in our Founding Documents. Do we want King George the 3rd?

Three strong ways to proceed for better results in 2002 and 2004:

1] Clean, renewable energy -- cut off the supply of wealth derived from oil and fight global warming before it is too late.

2] Clean elections with serious campaign finance reforms -- cut off the supply of corrupting cash;

3] Election reforms to count every vote - equal protection for all, not just the few.

We definitely need protection from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who said at Southern Methodist University on February 14 (as reported by the Dallas Morning News) [the Supreme Court has] “to sometimes tell the people to take a walk. THE CONSTITUTION IS TO PROTECT US AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.”

21st Century Democrats say: Let the will of the people be heard loud and clear.