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The Jefferson Report -- 8/29/96

Interestingly Interactive

Like most of you, I watched Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night from the comfort of a living room--but not mine. I was in the home of my new friends, Bernardine and Bill, who live in the Hyde Park section of Chicago. Around 30 of us got together for a party launching a new internet web site called Democrats Online.

Since April, David Lytel, Jock Gill, Jim Buie and other progressive Democrats with extensive internet experience have been working on the project. Lytel and Gill conceived and built the White House web site. But they wanted to create a site that was more partisan and focused on technology. That they have achieved. Filled with partisan humor, a Bob Dole campaign strategy game, a chat room and other good information, the site also gives visitors the opportunity to build their own pages and make their own endorsements and testimonials.

Lytel views the project as a way of empowering a multiplicity of Democratic voices and a tool to help Democrats discover different ways to use the internet. So while the First Lady was effectively using the traditional one-way communication method Tuesday night to help the President, the new interactive Democrats Online web site was successfully launched to achieve the same purpose. The address is Check it out. You might just run into Hillary in the chat room.

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