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September 2006: Chapter on Grass Energy for Vermont Environmental Consortium's Farm Energy Handbook, Daniel Hecht, editor & Exec. Director

September 2006: Vermont's Green Gold

August 2006: Grass Energy Collaborative - A Scenario for Grass Energy

February 2006: Grass Energy Collaborative - Press Release

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Penfield Gill, Inc., is a consulting firm specializing in new media communications, marketing, and strategic planning. PGI helps its clients to sustain their success in a fast-changing future, by moving aggressively to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in network technologies.

From 1993 to 1995, Mr. Gill was the Director of Special Projects in the Office of Media Affairs at The White House, and maintains close ties with the leadership in Washington, DC. PGI clients find these relationships to be of value to them as well.

Mr. Gill's longtime immersion in the on-line world, as well as his significant experience in understanding both corporate and elective politics, have made him an invaluable ally in strategy formulation for startups and for Fortune 500 companies. In particular, you can rely on an informed, creative, fresh approach from Mr. Gill's insights.
-- John Macomber, Founder & CEO; Collaborative Structures LLC

Jonathan Gill is an extremely creative and highly motivated consultant. His enthusiasm, breadth of contacts, and broad understanding of the near-term limits and long-term potential of information technology and alternative energy as forces for economic development have been invaluable in helping our firm navigate a complex and protean space.
-- Ethan Chorin, CEO; Visible Hand, Inc.

Dr. Charles F. Gay, co-founder of Greenstar, has stated "I speak personally and for the organization in expressing deep appreciation for Mr. Gill's many contributions to Greenstar during his tenure as organizational consultant and applaud his vision and enthusiasm in initiating a leadership position in launching the new global outreach projects of PGI. Mr. Gill's PGI initiative reflects a continuing commitment to expanding the role of advanced technology in the international marketplace."


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From January 1993 to March 1995, Mr. Gill was director of special projects in the Office of Media Affairs at The White House. Please review his responsibilities and accomplishments during his White House Years.

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What Others Are Saying About Jock Gill

Prior to joining The White House Office of Media Affairs, Mr. Gill was a consultant to the Clinton/Gore Presidential Campaign. He was responsible for all public access Email and electronic publishing activities. These efforts were recognized as "The Email Event of 1992."

Mr. Gill founded Penfield Gill, Inc. in 1988. Clients include:
  The Highlands Forum
Simon Strategies
ASCII Corporation of Japan
Collaborative Structures LLC
Lotus Development Corporation
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance
General Motors Corporation
Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC)

At present, Mr. Gill is a member of:
The Advisory Board of Democrats.Com
The Black Forest Group
The Advisory Board for the Center for Democracy and Technology

Mr. Gill speaks frequently on the history and future of information technology and new media. Among the groups and conferences he has addressed are:

Led the Collaboration and Community panel discussion at the AIPA98 Symposium's "Information Analysis in a Networked Community", March 17-18, 1998 in Tysons Corner VA
May 9-10, 1997: MIT, Cambridge, MA - The Media in Transition Project, a collaboration of the MIT Communications Forum, the MIT Media Studies Program and the Markle Foundation. The panel discussion participation was on the topic of Privacy, Freedom, Regulation
October 16, 1996: Boston, MA - DCI's Internet Expo - Politics on the Net Debate, co-hosted with David Lytel
Groupware95 in Tokyo, Japan
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
The Aspen Institute Communications & Society Program
CSC Vanguard Group, Sept.94: Redefining Collaboration Through Groupware
April 17, 1996 - Politics Online Conference
UnixExpo, Sept.95: Communications & Disintermediation
Web World
Jock Gill was A Special Event on the AT&T Business Network's Shop Talk Forum, from November 25th - December 2nd, 1995.
Participated in the Workshop on Internet Survey Methodology and Web Demographics, Monday, January 28, 1996 - MIT, Cambridge, Mass. He spoke on the Implications of Surveying, Logging and Tracking for Campaign96 and Political Processes Generally.

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In 1983, Mr. Gill was the founding president of Computer Access Corporation. He directed the development of the BlueFish Information Retrieval System and initiated the "Computer Library" project. In 1987, after Lotus acquired the BlueFish program, he served as a Lotus senior product marketing manager.

Mr. Gill's expertise in interactive multimedia marketing and communications is helping Fortune 100 corporations, nonprofits and political candidates make a successful transition into the emerging knowledge economy.

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